Strikers Edge

Intense multiplayer arcade combat action where you fight as an ancient warrior.


  • Comicon Portugal 2015, here we go!

    Comicon Portugal 2015

    We're getting ready for Comicon Portugal 2015, bags packed, new and fresh Strikers Edge build ready, set, go. We'll be at the portuguese independent game developers corner. If you see a giant cardboard arcarde cabinet it means you're there, so come hang out!

  • Join us at Lisbon Games Week 2015!

    Strikers Edge at Lisboa Games Week 2015

    This as been quite a year for us in terms of events. The next one will be Lisbon Games Week from November 5 to 8. We'll have our little stand there, so come say hi, play some Strikers Edge and maybe even try your skills at the first Strikers Edge tournament! Are you bad enough dude to challenge the best? We'll have a nice prize for the for the top striker, don't miss it!

    And have a spooky Halloween! 🎃

  • Microsoft Game Dev Camp Recap

    Microsoft Game Dev Camp 2015

    This event is very dear to us. Strikers Edge was first debuted at Microsoft Game Dev Camp 2014, when it was known at the time as a very generic "Super Battle Arena". Since then, the community has grown so much that it seems that Microsoft's headquarters, where the event ocurs, is feeling too small and one day too is way too short. This years Game Dev Camp was so much bigger and better in every way possible.

    We were on spot all day since early in the morning, with a fresh new build for fellow devs, journalists and enthusiasts to try out. These events are so valuable and so insightful and the feedback we gather always brings new ideas, solutions and excitment. We love it. Players reactions all look very similar: they jump, grin and scream as they dodge or hit a fatal blow. This, for us, is the culmination of our ideas, ambitions, hard work and short nights of sleep.

    There were also many other cool indie games from national developers to play, and a long list of speakers, with a special attention for very inspirational talk from Luís António, developer of Twelve Minutes and artist for The Witness.

  • We're attending GameLab Barcelona

    GameLab Barcelona

    We can finally confirm that we're attending GameLab in Barcelona, Spain, from June 24 to 26! We got our event, flight and hotel tickets all set up and a new build for Super Battle Arena in the works for you to come and play. We didn't manage to get an indiehub table in time, but we'll find a way to show the game around. Come say hello!

  • 1st place at Microsoft Pizza Night!

    GameLab Barcelona

    We got first place at Pizza Night, an event organized by Microsoft Portugal that gathers national indie developers to show their games until late in the night and have some pizza for dinner. A judge then decides the best games showcased. This year, our first year as a participant, we got the first place with Strikers Edge (or Super Battle Arena, as it was known back then).

    The prize was a huuuge jar of candy but, more importantly, highly positive feedback from the community who got pretty excited about the game. We can't wait to take it to the next level and get it out so everybody that have a go at it. Until then, we got some work that needs to get done.