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    Planet Free New!

    Android & iOS

    A modern day treasure hunt!

    Location based / AR
    Release Date
    August 2023

    Planet Free is a modern day treasure hunt, a location-based mobile game merging Pokemon GO's adventuring with brand engagement. Rescue Bonbees in AR, explore new locations and unlock real-world rewards from beloved brands like MEO, McDonald's, Olá, FNAC Portugal, Škoda and many more.

    It combines impactful gamification with brand engagement and loyalty. A truly innovative mobile experience!

    We colaborated with Galactic Sheep to bring Planet Free to life, being part of the whole proccess from from conceptualization, to design, development, strategy, content and live-ops. A truely A to Z approach.

    Planet Free is currently soft-launching is Portugal, expanding to more brands and countries soon.



    • ar
    • geo location
    • gamification
    • live ops
      Live Ops
    • bespoke backend
      Bespoke backend

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    apple's app store or google play store

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    Plastic Heroes New!

    Mobile, Consoles & PC

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    Android & iOS

    A narrative-based edugame with an inovative twist

    Release Date
    April 2022

    In 2021, Portuguese Red Cross approached with a challenge: could we make an educational game that connected with their portuguese teenage audience and was able to touch complex social issues in an engaging way? We don't shy away from a challenge and an opportunity to make a difference, so we jumped in.

    In Play4Equality the player takes the role of a character in a group of high school friends, taking part in a short story developing behind a simulated smartphone interface, through video calling, texting and social media. Their decisions throughout the game influence the story's outcome, as they come to understand the problems other characters go through. The story revolves around themes related to gender equality, violence in relationships and human trafficking. These are complex and sensitive topics that we approach with special care, always in collaboration with the fantastic team from Portuguese Red Cross. The narrative design is presented using new ideias, using familiar concepts of UI design to tell a story in new, exciting ways.

    The game is available in portuguese, it was designed to be played by teenagers from ages 13 to 17. It's also used in some schools across the country to promote dialogue and discussion around the themes it presents.

    Now available on

    Google Play Android and App Store iPhone

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    Strikers Edge

    PC & PS4

    A multiplayer medieval dodgebrawl!

    Release Date
    January 2018

    "One of the best competitive multiplayer games I’ve ever played"

    - Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    • Prémios PlayStation 2015 Portugal
    • IndieArena Selection at Gamescom 2016/7
    • Nominee for Best Multiplayer Game at SXSW 2017
    • Official Selection EGX Birmingham 2016
    • Official Selection PAX South 2017

    Strikers Edge is a competitive online multiplayer combat arena game. A dodgebrawl game, if you will, with a distinctive pixel art artstyle and frame-by-frame animation, paying homage to arcade era videogames. It features intense combats between 8 different strikers with unique abilities, strategies and playstyles, 4 unique arenas with their own stories, layouts and hazards and 1v1 and 2v2 matches, locally or online. You can play the single-player campaign mode and learn the story behind each of the 8 characters and their journey through Gea. It offers Twitch integration, AI controlled bots and full controller support, among many other features!

    Winner of the first Prémios PlayStation (PlayStation Awards) in 2015 and published by Playdius in January 2018, Strikers Edge was our debut game.



    • 1v1
      1v1 & 2v2
    • online multiplayer
      Online Realtime Multiplayer
    • bot
      AI Bots
    • unity c sharp
      Unity C# Codebase
    • unity plugin
      In-house Unity Plugins
    • twitch integration
      Twitch Integration

    Countries Toured

    Throughout delelopment and after launch, we showcased the game across the globe
    at events, tournaments and through our partners:

    USA, UK, France, Germany, China, Japan, Spain, Finland and Portugal

    Strikers Edge attended E3, Casual Connect Amsterdam, Gamescom, Paris Games Week, Barcelona Games Week, Fun & Serious, EGX, PAX East Bostom, PAX South San Antonio, , C4 LAN Tokyo, Barcelona GameLab, Lisboa Games Week, Comicon Oporto, Iberanime, among many others.

    Get it!

    Steam (PC, Mac) or PS4

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    Forge Quest

    Android & iOS

    Merge game meets idle RPG adventure!

    google play store apple app store
    Release Date

    Forge Quest is a merge adventure puzzle game. It elegantly mixes together merge game mechanics with idle and light RPG mechanics. Players send their party of adventurers across the land to explore and fight monsters, then use it's treasures to merge materials and craft new weapons, armor and trinkets to become stronger and reach new lands and new challenges.

    There are multiple heroes to find and rescue, each with his/her unique little quirk. You explore underground dungeons, ruins, forests and swamps, as you fight against goblins, enraged puddings and sneks! Ew!

    Rewards are bright and shiny and, even better, there are friends to make along the way, so pick up your sword and come along!

    Forge Quest is approaching soft-launch. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.


    • very big indie pitch logo

      3rd Place for Best Mobile Pitch
      Big Indie Pitch, Gamescom Cologne 2019

    • very big indie pitch logo

      3rd Place for Best Mobile Pitch
      Big Indie Pitch, Pocket Gamer Connect London 2020

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    Billabong Surf Trip 2

    Android & iOS

    A surf game in your pocket

    Release Date

    Join the surf action!

    Grab your board and explore the world’s best surfing locations on your way to becoming the ultimate pro surfer. Compete online in three heat matches against your fellow surfers and prove who is the best.

    Take on challenges at 15 real-world surf locations in the all new career mode or jump right into the water for a quick surf session. Are you ready to catch a wave and show off your skills in the most radical surf game out there?

    Billabong Surf Trip 2 is the highly anticipated follow-up to Billabong’s award-winning Billabong Surf Trip sports game. Experience the adrenaline rush for yourself and prove you’re the next surf champion.


    Soon on:

    Google Play Android and App Store iPhone

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    October 2023

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We're an independent game development studio from sunny Lisbon, Portugal. The company is young but the talent is experienced and with diverse backgrounds: arquitecture, design, advertisement and telecomunications. We all find our passion to be the same:

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That's what we do.
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We make games from idea, to prototype, to fully fledged game,
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  • Big Indie Pitch Big Indie Pitch
    Pocket Gamer Connect London 2020
    3rd Place with Forge Quest on Mobile
  • Big Indie Pitch Big Indie Pitch
    Gamescom 2019
    3rd Place with Forge Quest on Mobile
  • SXSW South By Southwest
    Gamers Choice Best Multiplayer Game Nominee
  • Indie Arena Gamescom IndieArena
    Official Selection
  • PAX South PAX East
    Official Selection
  • PAX East PAX South
    Official Selection
  • Prémios PlayStation Prémios PlayStation
    Portugal 2015
    Grand Winner, Press Choice Winner
  • EGX EGX Birmingham 2016 Official Selection
  • Exame Informatica Exame Informática's
    Best in Software 2018
    Honorable Mention

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