plastic heroes character roster

Assemble your action figure squad!

Plastic Heroes is a multiplayer rogue-lite FPS where you play as an action figure fending off waves of enemy toys in action packed fashion! Select from various generations of toys, customize and power up your arsenal and save your tiny world.


proto hero box
crimson claw hero box
dad hero box
kass hero box
blue bear hero box


Tiny weapons, huge potential! Coming in all shapes and sizes you can imagine, Plastic Heroes arsenal is as unexpected as it is fun.

Each character has it’s own weapon set that you can collect, evolve and adapt to your play style. A DIY shotgun? Check! A dinosaur shaped revolver? You got it! A pan, an explosive bubble gum, a snap hand? Yes to all of that!


Coming to

  • nintendo switch
  • steam
  • apple ios
  • android

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